With the holidays coming up people are getting their Christmas decorations out. And what better way to start than to create your own Christmas decorations.

Pinecone Wreath

You will need: a bundle of 3 different sized pinecones, brown pipe cleaners, wire wreath form.

Collect some pinecones from either your backyard or from the store if you don’t have any. Separate the pinecones into small, medium and large piles.  Cut the full-size pipe cleaners in half, leaving you with double the amount. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the first few pedals of the pinecone towards the bottom, do this for all the pinecones. Once all the pinecones have the pipe cleaner attached, attach the pinecone to the wire wreath wrapping the pipe cleaner tight around the wire. Starting from the outside place the large pinecones on the wreath, continue until there is no room left. Do the same thing for the middle section and inner section. After all the pinecones are attached flip the wreath over and tighten and clip the pipe cleaners. Once your pinecone wreath is the way you like it you can either hang it up inside your home or at your front door.

Hint of White Wreath

Gather together a Christmas wreath, bunches of silver poinsettias, silver and white ornament balls, white berry picks.

Place the Christmas wreath on a flat surface. Attach 3 ornaments together feeding the top with wire, repeat 4 times. Add the poinsettias on the wreath like a clock, at 12, 3, 6, and 9, just wrapping the wire around the branches of the wreath. Add the ornaments in between each poinsettia. Place the white berry’s right behind each set of ornaments or close to. Place the silver berries near the silver poinsettias. Once all the decorations are on adjust everything to your liking. Take a wreath hanger and hang up at the front door.

Silver and Gold Wreath

What you need: 24 white and silver ornaments, 24 gold and 12 white ornaments. 16 small ornaments of silver and gold, circular Styrofoam (9inch) and a hot glue gun.

Start by opening your boxes of ornaments so it’s easy to grab them and remove the top piece off the ornament. Start on the outside of the Styrofoam, placing the ornaments in the order you like. When you have the design you desire add hot glue to the top of the ornament placing it on the edge of the Styrofoam. Continue placing on the outside until the outside is covered, making sure you are placing the ornaments as close as you can to the previous one. Do the same thing on the inside of the wreath until it is covered. Once both the outer and inner sides are complete place the ornaments on the face of the Styrofoam in the order you like. When the face is covered start hot gluing them down. There will be some of the Styrofoam still showing and this is when you take the smaller ornaments and place them in the smaller spots. Leave your wreath to cool down before you hang it up.

What kind of wreath will you hang up on your door this season? Send me a picture – I’d love to see!