Do you have any holiday or Christmas traditions? Here are a couple of the most popular ones you mentioned when I recently asked this question on social media.

Christmas Tree Farm
What better way to start the holiday season than picking out a Christmas tree. Our go-to spot over the years is the Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm near Pakenham. They have a large selection of wreaths, Christmas décor, planters, Christmas trees as well as a spot to grab lunch or a snack. Our favourite time to visit the tree farm is when there is lots of snow on the ground since they offer a wagon ride to cut your own tree, a sliding hill, a straw play structure for the kids to climb on, or you can chose to just sit by the bonfire and enjoy hot chocolate. They are even dog friendly!!!

Watch A Holiday Movie
Have you ever seen It’s a Wonderful Life? If you like comedy, fantasy and drama this could be your new favourite movie. It’s a heart-warming moving piece that becomes truly magical towards the end, you might even shed a tear during the final scene. It’s a tradition in our house to watch this movie every year. Of course, living in Almonte, there is no shortage of “new” holiday movies to watch and put you in the holiday spirit. Why not watch a Christmas movie where there are always happy endings, lots of positivity, and it can boost your happiness.

Santa’s Runway
Santa’s Runway is tradition that my family has participated in for years. It’s so simple and so fun for the little kids. All that is needed to create Santa’s Runway is brown paper bags, sand, a lighter and some candles. You start by filling the brown paper bags up with a little bit of sand so they don’t blow away, then you can place the candles inside and place the bags on the side of the road. On Christmas Eve, once we have finished dinner, we go outside and light the candles and walk around the neighbourhood. We have created Santa’s Runway for many years and now it’s easy for Santa to find his way. Even more fun has been to have the neighbours participate as well. It is pure magic.

What is your favourite tradition?