Calm and collected

The experts have said that we need to be social distancing and/or self isolating to do our part right now. There is so much that seems beyond our control……some of us may be feeling anxious and worried. Now, more than ever, we need to be bringing peace and calm to our lives by making our homes as comfortable and tidy as possible.


Get rid of it!

Now is not the time to be donating things for obvious reasons. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get started! Designate a small area of your home or garage for your unwanted items and start stockpiling. You can then take a trip to your local thrift store when this becomes a possibility again.




A makeshift office

Has your dining room become a dumping ground?? It is necessary to “go with the flow” right now but get a box or designate a cupboard to housing your “office stuff” when you are not using it or when it is mealtime.

Another option would be a dresser or dressing table. Just be sure to pack up and put away all of the paperwork and take it out of the bedroom at night – peace and calm is the point here!



Regular Tidying

Retaining some normalcy in your routine is helpful. It feels so much better to wake up in a tidy environment so, if you can, spend 20 minutes each night tidying up so that your morning can start fresh. If you have children, I know that this can be a challenge. Put some music on and get them involved…..children are craving routine as well….even if they don’t seem pleased!


The dreaded linen cupboard, Kitchen “catch-all drawer” or Tupperware drawer!

We all have that one spot, or maybe two. You know, the spot that just always seems to be overstuffed and you keep thinking you “should” go through but you seem to avoid…at all costs! Why not make friends with your linen cupboard now! You’ve got the time and it will make you feel so much better. Just do it!



Shoot me an e-mail or text and let me know what area of your home you have decided to bring some order to.