We got a HUGE dump of snow in Lanark County yesterday….. Good news is the temperatures are beautiful today! Here are some outdoor activities to keep you and your family busy (lockdown friendly) in and around Almonte!

Grab your crazy carpet, snow racer, snow board or whatever your sled of choice is and head to Gemmill Park (182 Bridge Street). This has long been a favourite sliding destination for locals. This fresh dump of snow will make it extra fun for kids and kids at heart.

If you are looking for a smaller kid friendly hill head to Almonte’s Meadowglen park hidden away in the Gale Subdivision. Enter off of Spring Street or Evelyn.

The beautiful Mill of Kintail will be absolutely perfect today. Without snowshoes it may be a bit tricky but with snowshoes the trails are sure to give you some nature medicine and a good workout too. Park at the gate (don’t forget to buy a parking pass) and hit the trails. You can spend anywhere from an hour to a half day at the Mill.

Whether you go by yourself or with your family you are guaranteed to have a blast!


Head over to Augusta Street park (81 Mercer Street) and try out the outdoor rink. This neighbourhood gem was a labour of love created in 2017 and is maintained by volunteers! That’s the Almonte spirit we know and love!

Fort and snowman building

From the comfort of your own front or backyard build some old fashion forts and snow families. Another fun element to add is paint!

Make some fun snow paint with the kids using only 2 ingredients!! The kids have a blast making designs and decorating the snow in the winter-time.

Materials Needed

Liquid food coloring

Cold water

Squeeze bottles

1. Take the lids off your squeeze bottles and squeeze several drops of each food coloring in a different bottle.
2. Carefully fill up with cold water, not too fast it will bubble over.
3. Tightly place the lids back on and wipe down the bottles.
4. Carefully take the tops off and use to paint in the snow

What are you going to do today?