If you’re like me…  I’m getting tired of cooking and trying to meal plan for weeks at a time! While it’s important to do this to avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store it’s getting tiresome! The good news is it’s also VERY important to support our local cafes, food trucks and restaurants, many of whom, are still offering their service…just differently! Why not incorporate a “take-out” Tuesday (or any day!) into your plan?

Here are some Almonte options for meals to go!

 Heirloom Café & Bistro in Almonte (7 Mill Street)

This place is an Almonte staple and they are offering meals for pick-up! All you have to do is call or text your order in by 2pm for same day dinner pick-up. Whether you want gourmet tacos, lamb tagine or Tres Leches cake, they have you covered! Check out their website and social media for weekly menus.


North Market (78 Mill Street)

Another Almonte gem, this café is offering delivery and pick-up options Tuesday to Friday. They have frozen meals, ready to heat-and-eat meals and fresh baked bread too! The Paneer Curry sounds amazing and I’ve heard rave reviews about the Mac & Cheese too. Call the café between 11-4 to place your order, deliveries and pick-ups happen between 4-5.


Mill Street Crepe Company (14 Mill Street)

This lovely Almonte Crepe place has put crepes aside – for now…. They are offering weekly menus including Jambalaya and Honey Garlic Chicken. There is also dessert – Mocha Caramel Truffle Cake anyone? Call or text daily from 12-4 for take-out and delivery!


Almonte Lobby Bar (81 Queen Street)

This amazing little place in Almonte, usually specializing in small plates, has changed over to Charcuterie Boxes filled with all sorts of delicious cured meats, cheeses, nuts and bread. They are operating Fridays and Saturdays and you just text your order in and pick it up!


The Greene Mill (352 Ottawa Street)

The much sought after Greene Mill Food Truck is open for the season! You can text your order in ahead of time, pay by e-transfer and wait in the comfort of your car for your “Fancy Fries” or “Piggyback Poutine” 6 days a week from 11-7! Get your food truck fix! 613-857-4807.

Fabulous Fries (400 Almonte Street)

They are OPEN! Craving a bacon poutine or a pogo? Fabulous Fries is a full service chip wagon that is sure to have something for everyone! You need to just show up an order so bring cash and follow the social distancing guidelines!

Where is your favourite Almonte spot?