Social distancing and isolation has made many of us into bakers, gardeners and DIY experts on a variety of things! From whipped coffee to Zoom parties, check out these Quarantine Trends!


Dalgona (whipped) Coffee

Dalgona coffee originated in South Korea and only takes 3 ingredients! Instant coffee, sugar, and hot water that are vigorously mixed together until the froth becomes fluffy and aerated. It is time consuming if you are doing it by hand but worth it! It is sweet but has a strong coffee taste too. An awesome treat.

Bread baking

People have been making their own bread in droves! So much so, that, for awhile, it was hard to find yeast and flour in grocery stores. Sour dough bread has also been a HUGE hit. All over social media you will find people (the Stars included) talking about sour dough bread and sour dough starters. If you don’t know a Sour Dough Starter is a collection of wild yeast, enzymes and bacteria that are fermented into a culture that is able to then leaven bread…now you know!  And sour dough bread is delicious!

Zoom Parties

People have been using Zoom and other platforms for many of their social distancing needs. What was once a common meeting platform for work has been taken over by “family bingo nights” and “zoom parties” with your friends. The key to a zoom party is to have a host and a theme so that it isn’t awkward and keeps the conversation flowing. Zoom bingo is also a hit!  My high school just organized a Zoom call for our Grade 13 Graduating Class.  People zoomed in from all over the world and at one point in time there were more than 80 people on the call.  Where there is a will there is a way!

DIY Raised Garden Beds

With the extra time on people’s hands, many have started creating their own raised garden beds. They can be a great solution for growing fruits, veggies, and herbs practically anywhere. Even in areas with poor soil, no soil (rooftops or paved backyards) bed gardens can make it possible to grow your own. Check out this link for some great step by step instructions from The Home Depot.

What Quarantine Trend have you tried???